The Evolving PR Industry in Kolkata

Kolkata is an important metro providing a range of services to the eastern part of India. It is a business hub which has many industries, the number of which is growing by the day. With the internet creating a host of educated customers who are aware of the products they buy, business houses and products need all the visibility they can get. The PR industry in Kolkata is now booming, as companies and individuals vie with each other to put their best face forward, and gain popularity using innovative, traditional and online PR media.

Functions of a PR Agency in Kolkata

A PR agency based in Kolkata enhances the image of an individual or firm and builds up their reputation using various media in Kolkata. We can analyze your organization or any individual, find positive messages which we then translate into image enhancing stories in the media.

A good Kolkata PR agency helps to increase the visibility of their clients by increasing reputation and recognition using different mediums such as radio, TV, newspapers and magazines, events, workshops and so on.

Major Methodologies Practiced by Kolkata PR Companies

Some of the major methodologies practiced by the PR companies in Kolkata include:

Social media, which helps to engage customers and create a personal relationship with them, building trust and increasing influence.

Brand management, including corporate and personal branding activities are comprehensive and carried out over various platforms, for companies and celebrities.

Influencer Marketing – Influencers enjoy undeniable reach and connect with their followers. And that is their power. Harnessing that power for promoting brands and products is an extremely effective technique. However, doing it correctly is a skill. There is science to it and the art too.

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