Performance Marketing Measurement

Companies spend a huge amount of resources to improve their brand image and make it more visible in the market. All companies want to know the real benefits they have gained from launching an expensive marketing campaign. To ensure that our clients get real-time data regarding any new lead, sale, view of their product we make use of marketing performance measurement. This is a very effective technique to calculate the return on investment on advertisement cost. Our marketing agency utilizes multiple channels to sell a brand image to the targeted group.

To understand which of the multiple channels used by our experts are yielding the maximum results to promote a brand, we use of performance marketing analytics. This allows our experts to gauge the strongest performing channel for generating more leads and also those that are lagging in this field. Once we get this data, then we can focus more on the strongest channel to better our performance and also make tweaks to those marketing channels that are not giving expected results. This way we ensure that the client gets the highest return on his investment. The amazing thing about this technique is that the client can also make use of it to understand how effective are different marketing channels to sell their brand image and which one they will like to focus on to get the maximum benefit.

As our client, we make it a point that they get the tools to measure for themselves how much traffic or sale of their product has improved thanks to the advertisement campaign across multiple channels. To identify if there is an increase in the number of the customer to their product, the client can make use of a number of markers. These markers provide them with an accurate picture of the increased traffic to their website.

1). Increased website traffic: It allows our clients to find out whether the advertising campaign run by us is successful or not. They have to measure whether there is an increase in the traffic to their website. If there is a significant increase, then it is due to our successful marketing strategy.

2). Pages viewed per visit: While increased traffic is important so is engagement. The Google Analytic tool provides the client with the complete picture of how many people visited their website also stayed there looking at their product and service pages.

3). Lead from the website or phone calls: The increased lead generation after the launch of the advertisement campaign is also an accurate way to find out how successful our campaign was.

These are some of the tools that we provide to our clients to ensure that they measure the effectiveness of our a marketing campaign.