Strategize, Negotiate and Buy-in Inventory

Web media buying sounds simple, right?

Well it is, when followed and taken the necessary actions for executing an effective web media campaign. Having an identity on web is the next best thing you would like to have for your business, right? (The first being your business off course). It isn’t that complicated as it sounds. All you need to know is certain basics that have to followed so that you get the maximum visibility and also get away with your branding done.

We have tried to put down some things for you so that you know what media buying actually is and how you get benefited with enhanced chances for ultimate view-ability and user interaction. And still if it sounds complicated, we are there for you.


What your business is all about?

We all know, not all types of promotions work for all business types. You need to have a thorough knowledge of your product and services you are offering since, based on that your target market needs to be set right.


Where do you think you will find your prospects?

It’s important that you know your consumer’s behavior while targeting. You exactly need to know where would you find them. Remember, they are looking for you or the services related to yours, for the reason why they are browsing day in and out. Identifying your target market is important since you would not want to waste your marketing efforts and time on getting low-quality traffic.


How do you plan to reach to them?

Clearly these means which all websites do you plan to promote yourself on to reach your customers. Once you have planed it out, which all placements do you think would help you hit your prospects the more. Clearly videos make more sense now a days but also keep in mind a great video costs a fortune and if you are not ready for it now banners across websites that too attractive would suffice for now.


Which websites to target?

Your target is to reach the maximum possible and this is possible on when you promote on sites that have the maximum traffic. Also try to consider websites who are active on social media and follows other below-the-line targeting techniques. Since this would help you to reach to people who is looking for you but are not that much active on web.


How much do you think you can afford?

Just a heads-up, this is expensive. Websites charge you a fortune but remember to negotiate well keeping in mind the return you will get on your investment. Margins are kept high for you to actually negotiate on, so if you don’t you are sure to be at a loss.