Social Media Marketing – Communication and Creative is the key to connect with TG

Social media is a catch them all term covering various digital platforms of different social interactions and actions. For example, Facebook offers very rich social networking opportunities; Twitter is to update followers with extremely short messages; Instagram is all about visual sharing.  So, the purposes of using them in the business promotion are also different.

When accomplished correctly, social media interactions can build public relations; strengthen connections with customers; communicate brand identity and awareness; boost sales by generating leads and many more.

Our approach to social media communication:

  1. Fixing the brand direction
  2. Plan for creative and communication for target groups
  3. Coming up with brand communication plan as per the target audience
    1. Customers
    2. Investors
    3. CSR
    4. Government
    5. Stake holders and others…
  4. Strategizing adverts along with creative
  5. Maintaining symmetry of experience across social and all other digital touch points
  6. Data collection from social channels
  7. Finding out and leveraging sweet spots for further brand and product promotion

Yes. Our approach to social media communication is different. Our years of experience, passion in creativity and strength of in-depth studies give us a unique edge and add value to our customers.

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