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Yes, That’s where you get it all from, for ‘FREE’

Well, the word ‘free’ is very intriguing indeed that attracts the attention of many. But then we all know, nothing comes for free in this universe. You have to keep putting in efforts, invest time and energy till the time you start getting the value of all your good deeds. And yes, that’s exactly how SEO works. SEO isn’t just changing or optimizing few things so that you get the top spot for any search related to you on the web. It’s more of what value you are adding to your users, in what way you are actually helping your users with valuable content and information. Plus how much easier have you made it for the search engine to search you for any of your business-related searches on the web.

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 Some achievements on Ecommerce SEO:

Examples of how we create value with eCommerce SEO packages for the clients:

SEO – The Route for your business’s organic growth

If your business is not growing organically, you cannot sustain it in the long run. And of that SEO and organic promotion has a major role in overall digital marketing and especially in conversions. Confused? Remember, you are not the only one who is, we’re here to help. SEO cost depends on the no of deliverable you are getting + the aggressiveness you want for your business + the time is getting invested on your project.

The Major SEO Deliverables from DPW:

  1. Defining USP or the brand direction of the business
  2. Keyword research and focus set of business keywords following the USPs
  3. Information architecture – the content flow of the website
  4. SEO and Content plan – website content + blog content, other content which boosts SEO
  5. Website technical checks – sanitization of website, speed, HTTPS, loading time, set up activities
  6. FAQs targeting the keywords on the target pages
  7. PR releases
  8. Outreach activities
  9. Reviews work
  10. Selecting the right marketing channels
  11. And finally promotion

The expectation from SEO Activities:

  1. Targeted traffic to your website
  2. Leads/Inquiries
  3. Trust/brand promotion

The extra bit, we can do for you:

  1. Fixing the website experience the way visitors are viewing the content
  2. Make them pursue your proposition and believe what you are offering
  3. Improving conversion rate
Seo Services for Amazon, Flipkart, and Other Marketplaces:

If you are an Amazon Flipkart or Nykaa India sellers, marketplace SEO services are for you. Our experience and expertise have been tested and trusted. You can rely on us just like many other successful Amazon Flipkart India sellers doing business with us in terms of SEO, creativity, ad promotions. Reach us and feel free to discuss your requirements. You will be happy to listen to us.

SEO Packages for Small, Local, and Ecommerce Business:

  1. Small local business monthly SEO package
  2. Ecommerce SEO package India
  3. Local SEO packages pricing India
  4. Money back Guarantee SEO Package
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