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Not everyone can handle Shopify and when it comes to providing Shopify SEO services, it becomes even more challenging because most of the so-called Shopify SEO companies don’t have experienced SEO experts who can handle Shopify websites efficiently. We are a proud team of Shopify SEO experts who have got years of experience who not only manage Shopify platforms perfectly but also improve your eStore’s search engine visibility, and boost online sales.

Affordable Shopify SEO Services To Boost Sales:

People now search online before making any buying decisions. If you want to boost sales, you should be there when prospects are searching for products similar to yours. Our Shopify SEO experts can make that happen. We have been helping clients across the world for more than 10 years. Our customized SEO packages are designed to improve the search ranking of Shopify websites, thus improving sales.

Strategies for Shopify SEO services Success:

  1. Detailed keywords analysis
  2. Set of focused keywords and page suggestions
  3. On-page optimisation
  4. Content suggestion and optimisation
  5. Blog post suggestion and implementation
  6. Website technicals
  7. Interlinking
  8. Storytelling content
  9. User experience

Shopify Standard SEO Package: Mix of content, outreach, pr, reviews, and keywords

  • Complete SEO of the business site
  • Keywords research, Focus set of keywords, page creation, content plan, blog ideas
  • Onpage – Title, description, H tags, keywords, robots, speed, UX suggestions
  • 3500 word content (web content + blog posts approx 8 articles) [ will work on as many keywords as possible in first 6 months]
  • Online PR management cat b and cat c (In 6 months – 5 – 7 PR links).
  • 2 influencer outreach (bloggers and Instagrammers) each month (fashion, beauty, lifestyle as per industry categories etc) / same budget spent on lead ads
  • 5 – 10 standard links each month [QnA, business listings etc]
  • Blog post with interlinking
  • Adding 5 – 7 reviews to Google map + business verification
  • CRO suggestions and implementation with in-house developers
  • Reporting, tracking, measurement etc.
  • Commercials: INR 20,000 + tax each month for all the above works
  • Min 6 months commitment.
  • Any additional plugin cost is extra and in actual

How Our Tailored Shopify SEO Plan Boosts Conversions?

  • Investing in Shopify SEO services campaign ensures the success of an online venture. At the same time, the big benefit is that the success of the campaign is completely measurable. DPW is a reliable partner that specializes in fetching highly qualified traffic for Shopify stores with effective SEO services strategies. We make sure that all aspects of SEO are covered so that the store can maximize its conversions.
  • Detailed Keyword Research: We conduct extensive keyword research so that we can optimize your Shopify store with them and get higher search rankings
  • Content Optimization: We create unique and appealing content for your store so that it scores high SEO and holds the users as well
  • Detailed Store Analysis: We thoroughly analyze your e-commerce store to identify SEO errors, if any, and set them right
  • Landing Page Creation: We create impressive landing pages that add value to your store and engage users for it
    Call To Action: We ideate a powerful Call To Action that has the potential to drive conversions for the store
    Measurement of KPIs: We help the client quantify the results of the campaign by the measurement of KPI’

    How custom Shopify SEO packages improve conversions:

    We have an in-depth understanding of Shopify and make sure that we also recognize your targeted audience well enough

  1. We extend full range of shopify SEO services, from on-page to off-page optimization to content strategy implementation
  2. Our Shopify SEO campaigns are designed keeping your requirements in mind and with the objective to bring fast and effective results
  3. We are available for around-the-clock communication so that you can be in touch whenever you want
  4. We also provide regular reports so that you can assess the performance of the Shopify SEO campaign we are running for yourself
  5. Our flexible plans enable you to hire Shopify SEO services package for your website.

Shopify SEO Company in India:

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in 2021 – 2022. It’s overtaken most other platforms because of its ease of use and some good marketing plugins, but without proper knowledge, Shopify can create some SEO issues for your store.
We are Top rated Shopify Agency based in India. Experienced in custom Shopify designs. Grow your Business with Shopify. Shopify is SEO Optimized platform, mobile Commerce ready and lots of other loaded features. We have 2 Shopify Professionals who collaborate with our SEO team for all the SEO implementations.

Identified as a highly desirable platform to use, Shopify carries many complex issues, which many business owners fail to work past. This is commonly down to limited knowledge of Shopify SEO services; something we specialize in here at DPW.
Shopify is one of the most utilised eCommerce software out there, helping to deliver and enhance the offering of global retailers. Through a Shopify-built website, companies can promote and sell products, while completing financial transactions and purchasing processes.

In order to receive value from a Shopify eCommerce site, effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies must be maintained, along with strong content marketing knowledge. For a large proportion of business owners, SEO isn’t their forte, while attempting to juggle multiple hats.

Ecommerce SEO and Sales Growth Case Study: One of the Tea Brands in India:

Ecommerce Channel Comparison of Last 6 Months

Ecommerce Goal Completions of Last 6 Months

Ecommerce Traffic Growth for Last 6 Months

Ecommerce Sales Growth for Last 6 Months

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