the 360º Marketing Approach

Integrating Marketing Channels

Marketing silos are merging and in some segment it has already merged. Like, the time is gone when public relations and digital were to be two different departments and now its the Digital PR. Its the holistic approach or the 360 degree marketing that now helps to add even more value since its a mix of all the channels. Plus, on top of it, when things get track-able from all the channels, it becomes measurable and actionable.

Whatever that is we do might that be in the Digital Space or Traditional Media, both should be interconnected, interrelated and promoted. This is the era of Digital Transformation, and this in fact is a part of the whole transformation process of your business – from Traditional to Digital in a integrated way.

  1. Experiential Campaign Ideation and Digital Integration
  2. Bringing in the Offline Audience to the Online Space
  3. Guidance and Suggestion on Media Planning

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