A case study is mentioned below: Digital and Ecommerce promotion – Brand building exercise

Teame Teas – Tea Brand

1. SEO and content
See the rankings (SEO) with: 
natural green tea
chamomile tea online
earl grey tea online
classic assam tea online
and other keywords….
2. Bloggers and influencers outreach (Pan India – Instagrammers, bloggers and Youtubers)
3. Exclusive launch at Amazon India
4. Social media ideations and posts and promotions (sales and branding)
5. PR and Wikipedia page
6. Ad, creative and branding exercise in amazon
7. Paid PR and news releases
8. Google map optimization for branding and SEO signal
Request you to check the links below: 
1. Brand name search and digital presence: 
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PVC Pipe Manufacturer
Eye hospital
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