Influencer Marketing for Organic Growth of Business

Influencers enjoy undeniable reach and connect with their followers. And that is their power. Harnessing that power for promoting brands and products is an extremely effective technique. However, doing it correctly is a skill. There is science to it and the art too.

Influencers are people who are well-respected in a given industry or by the greater public; they are categorized by their ability to influence others’ beliefs or opinions. On social media, influencers can help ensure the success of a post, tweet, event or product by lending their authority to it.

Evidence shows recommendations that come from influencers, whether on social media or outside of it, tend to be effective. According to a survey conducted by Nielsen, 92 percent of consumers around the world trust word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends and family above other types of advertising, a proportion that has risen over the years. And according to Shane Barker, 88.5% of marketers consider influencer marketing to be valuable for their overall strategy.

Marketing through influencers

Though it can happen organically, mentions from influencers often come as a result of outreach efforts. It’s good to first establish a social media acquaintance with them, by following or adding them as a friend. Create a connection by liking or sharing their posts.

One way to solidify a connection with an influencer without paying them is by providing a free sample. If they’ll like it, they may end up sharing it on social media. Make sure to follow up on this by continuing to post relevant links to their posts and otherwise engaging with them online.

The key ingredients for building a high-impact influencer marketing campaign are, of course,

  • social reach
  • followers’ trusts
  • engaging content

And these can be achieved only when we are doing all things correctly. We help brands to identify perfectly aligned influencers on the basis of impact, reach and efficiency; bring influencers on board; design the campaign for marketing through influencers and or marketing with influencers and finally manage the campaign thoroughly with regular evaluation of campaign elements.

With years of experience, we know how to REACH, ACT, CONVERT & ENGAGE with the audience. Build value of your brand; give it that super-normal edge through influencer marketing with us.

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Digital Only Launch with Influencers – Bloggers, Youtubers and Instagrammers: An Example:

  1. 10 Instagrammers – more than 50k followers
    1. If static post then 5k
    2. Video post 8k
  2. 10 Women/mom/lifestyle-oriented bloggers – For complete blog post-launch and social media sharing – 7k for each post
  3. 10 Youtubers – to reshare youtube video/interview – more than 5k subscribers – 4k each
  4. 20 women related tier 2 category bloggers from Delhi – From banner affiliate campaign – for 10 days banner will be there on their home page 2000 each