Role of Creative Agency for Market Place Ecommerce Operations

Creative and Visual Communication in Amazon India:

While working with Ecommerce platforms specially amazon India, we realised that there is a big role to play for the creative agencies. Companies can play with creative content, copy based content, videos, lifestyle images and so on. Let us discuss one by one where a creative agency contribute in terms of creativity and content and can help the company with boost in sales.

  1. Amazon A+ Content – For each of the product you can create special content or enhanced content which is otherwise known as A+ content. You can arrange the flow of the content as per the positioning of the brand and the product. There is a 8 modules available but within which you can use only 5 modules. This enhanced content tells more about the brand, increase the trust factor, improve the aesthetic part of the product and thus improves sales.
  2. Brand store – Your brand should have a store front in amazon India so the audience can take a look what a brand is all about. Creative agency has lot to do here understanding the purpose of the brand store. This brand store is again based on modules and tiles where you can add ASIN product links, images, videos and array of the products already listed on the amazon. One point of caution – There are some SOPs on part of Amazon team and you and your agency must follow them. whatever claim you are making, you have to place certain support against them.
  3. Lifestyle Images and Videos – Again a creative agency can do wonder here. The more realistic the images are + the video experience, you can have great sales. Since seeing is the believing.
  4. Reviews – Another great factor for the sales to improve. As an agency you can have a great network of bloggers and reviewers and there from you can help the company to grow with sales.
  5. Size and shapes if the Images – For each of the platforms like amazon India, Flipkart opr Big Basket, there is a format you have to follow while placing the images. Remember all the images should in correct size, high resolution images etc. This is yet another algorithm for Amazon to improve the sales.

Broad scope of the creative work:
– Product Photoshoot (if required)
– Product Video (if required)
– Content / copies
– Design / layout / Infographic
– Uploading the content

Though we have only focused on amazon. But the logic is more or less same for all the market places. Feel free to call us at: 9674975029 

Creative designs for Ecommerce Companies Products

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