Increasing Market-Place Sales: 6 Actionable Items for Managers



This article for ecommerce managers, executives and digital people who would be interested in increasing the sales over the major marketplaces like: Amazon, Flipkart, Bigbasket, Nykaa and Specific niche market places for specific kind of products.

Assuming you have done the listings and planning for the quarters. I am listing the items focusing mainly on Amazon since this is the place where the main traffic is and Amazon is having presence in all the categories.

Action 1: Keep adding reviews, take help of the bloggers, send sample products from the amazon, make the process slow so it wont look like spam. Very effective.

Action 2: Make a list of the ASINs, and see how competitors are doing on the same product lists on bullet points, product description. This is the key ares where you can add good content with target set of the keywords. While you create the content, do keep in mind that to avoid superlative degrees and don’t make any false claim in bullet points. Else things will get rejected.

Action 3: A+ Content creation. Do that for all the products. It increases the stay rate, tells more about the brand, increase trust and more. Take help of the agencies and do follow the A+ content module. 5 Max modules are allowed. Also create a brand store page with categories if available.

Action 4: Do not list n no of products. It is a part of Amazon algorithm where each seller is being allowed certain space to list the products. Optimise your store with star products and try to sell those products in amazon only where you get amazon choice and bets seller tags. Again this algorithm logic is predicted. Since you are having presence in different marketplaces, do align your specific products targeting specific marketplaces so that at the end of the day you can sale most of the items you have.

Action 5: Maintain the image and videos as per norms. There are certain guidelines of the images (side, top, legal etc) and videos and I suggest to use all the 7 image panels for better product experience. Add some realistic video and some lifestyle product shoot for better sales.

Action 6: Ad promotion – Keyword search ads and competitor target ads do work wonder in amazon platform. Keep pushing your target products with a control on ACOs.

Enjoy marketplace operation.