Walmart A+ Content Creation Agency India | Walmart Rich Content

Walmart A+ Content Creation Agency India | Walmart Rich Content

Rich media – also referred to as “Enhanced Content” or sometimes “Below the Fold” content – is any type of content on the PDP that goes beyond the required title, description, and image carousel, usually found towards the bottom of the page.

Rich Media is a prominent feature on e-commerce platforms that helps sellers exhibit their products in a more aesthetically appealing and useful text arrangement. Walmart EBC and Amazon EBC are two popular solutions for businesses looking to increase the visibility of their brand on big e-commerce platforms while you manage Walmart account. In this article, we’ll compare and contrast Walmart and Amazon – two of the world’s largest online marketplaces.

Advantages of Walmart EBC:

It takes relatively less time for sellers to turn a visitor into a buyer. A+ content, or EBC, offers fantastic opportunities that might help you engage your audience even further.

Increased sales: It helps increase sales by providing customers with more information about the product.

Improved brand visibility: It provides branding opportunities to help businesses increase brand recognition and establish brand identity. When a client compares two products in the same category, he or she will probably only remember the one that has more brand and product information, and EBC can help you add both of those to your listings. The brand value of EBC inspires a sense of trust in the customer.

See some Aplus examples below:

Each Walmart A+ Content shall cost INR 1200 + tax. Max 5 modules. Creative and copy included. High quality product images only needed.