bloggers outreach AGENCY in India: Why do you need bloggers shout-outs

Influencer outreach is a part of the overall digital PR exercise. Broadly this helps to boost SEO activities, awareness, PR campaigns, and social shout-outs. You can add this activity to your overall digital promotion especially SEO campaigns. You can track the same using UTM parameters.

Digital advertising activities have 4 pillars:

  1. Search market – SEO, content, Google search
  2. Ecommerce marketplace operations
  3. Profile targeting – Social media campaigns and performance marketing
  4. Influencers outreach
    1. Bloggers outreach
    2. Instagrammers outreach
    3. Vloggers activities

bloggers outreach activities and the benefits of each activity:

  1. Complete blog post with do-follow links –
    1. Benefits are: SEO boost, visibility and rankings and backlinks and PR
  2. Complete blog post with do-follow link + social shout-outs from the handle
    1. Benefits are: SEO boost, visibility, rankings, backlinks, PR and social signals tagging the brand handles
  3. Banner campaign with bloggers – part of affiliate marketing and PR
    1. Visibility, traffic, awareness etc

criteria to choose bloggers list for outreach:

  1. DA, PA
  2. Self-hosted blog
  3. How old the blog is
  4. Category of the blog
  5. Kind of content they are releasing
  6. Social handles to check
  7. Brands they are working with
  8. Promotion post or non-promotional post

Sample of bloggers outreach activities:

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