The product details page (PDP) of most eCommerce websites is the bread and butter for web marketers. These pages are the only points of committing micro conversions through the add to cart feature. However, most website owners pay attention to the marketing and designing aspects although the PDPs are their key “revenue sources”.

Product Detail Page (PDP) That Boosts Sales:

The eCommerce sites have a product detail page on their websites. The page keeps the product specifications in view of the audience. Among all crucial information pertaining to the products, the page shows your visitors through the product reviews, shipping data, cost, color, and sizes. Such information could mean a lot to a prospective buyer before making the payment. The webpage presents an image of the specific product alongside its details. The buyer will easily find a button called “Add to Cart” on the page itself.

Your eCommerce strategy revolves around your PDP content design since it is the point of converting a prospect into a customer. You must pay attention to the designing aspect of the PDP. It is essential for presenting the most intuitive form of information by following a preset hierarchy.

This page can possibly justify the buyer experience by introducing item subtleties in the manner that your end-user wishes to see content on your site. This implies laying out a good arrangement between an excess of data and a perfectly measured proportion of detail to influence the inclination of the buyer in finalizing a deal.


Product Page Design

While developing your product detail page, it’s crucial for you to consider mobile devices. Mobile pages are not too frequently associated with Real Estate. It just takes a few taps for the users to finalize their choicest options. You may design the product pages alongside optimizing the mobile product pages. Take your references from the most relevant resources while working things out.


Most brands utilize the PDP designs for enabling websites to act as ambassadors of their services and products. The sites become intuitive and pull the visitors through a story, videos, innovativeness, diversion, and correspondence. Alongside the site, the item pages are likewise getting accentuated to recount more stories with regards to the item, highlights, and so on to draw in the visitors, to influence them strongly and consequently convert more prospects.

Examples of PDP Designs from Amazon


Why is a product detail page so important?

Your customers have the opportunity to check out your products by touching and holding them physically. The product details page acts as a key determinant of whether a prospective customer should buy a product from you or not.

They want to know the exact appearance of the product that you have on offer. They wish to check out the reviews shared by others besides the dimension and composure of the product. After all, they have to align it with their specific needs. When you pit it against that of a competitor, it might look superior. However, if your product details page does not improve as compared to that of your peer websites, the visitors will buy it from the latter.

Ecommerce product detail page components

A high converting product detail page has multiple components, and if a particular component is missing or of poor quality, it can cost you sales.

  • Creative components
  • Conversion components
  • Technical components
  • Managerial components

Ecommerce product detail page winning tactics:

  1. Be descriptive with your product name
  2. Write product descriptions from the customer’s point of view
  3. Use high-quality photos and videos
  4. Have a clear call to action in a prominent place
  5. Leverage social proof to increase trust
  6. Provide comparison charts to help customers choose the right product
  7. Provide multiple alternative images
  8. Offer a generous return policy
  9. Be clear and upfront about all shipping details
  10. Draw attention to price savings and discounts
  11. Treat the customer with respect

Need help improving your product pages?

It might consume much time and seem challenging to optimize the product pages. You may be struggling to manage all your tasks simultaneously. You must choose a program that helps in optimizing product pages, especially when you witness a lower rate of conversion or a high volume of cart abandonment.

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