Different Industries, Different Needs, Different Approach

We understand what your business means to you. And also what all issues you face in business on a daily basis. Our experience taught us these and we don’t mind boasting it. For online pr and traditional pr we focus on the business verticals: Real estate & infrastructure, Automobile, Telecom, Healthcare, Education, Sports, Movies & entertainment, Hospitality, Food & beverage, Fashion.

Different industries require different way of thinking, strategizing, solutions hatching. Here is some of the business needs across industries and verticals.

The Various Business Verticals – Objectives, our expertise and values creation 


  • Sales
  • Market Place Operation
  • Creative Communication
  • Online Reputation


  • PR & Communication
  • Reputation Management
  • Leads / Enquiries
  • Branding

Outfits and Accessories

  • Traffic / Sales / Leads
  • Creative / Photography
  • Business Direction (don’t be a me too type)
  • Market Place Operation
  • Social Media Sales + Strategies

Travel / Hospitality

  • Leads
  • Creative & Visual Communication
  • Content + Copy
  • Reach

So, let’s connect to listen to new words, get new inspiration; and of course, revive yourself within new dimensions. Be our partner!