Why online PR and Marketing Mix is important for you?

Digital PR, online marketing, outreach, social media, SEO…. all the channels are not separated and stand-alone for any of the digital promotion exercises. Rather all of them are overlapping concepts and influence each other and thus the brand is build and sales happen.

Before any buyer takes any decision, familiarity is the key. Once the brand or the product is familiar to the audience, they take the final decision. Now, how you create the online awareness and familiarity of the brand?

  1. Content, SEO and Website
  2. Online PR – news release, bloggers/influencers outreach, reviews
  3. Social media
  4. Brand communication, creativity, visuals, packaging (video comes under this)
  5. Paid ads
  6. Ecommerce presence and sales (if applicable)
  7. Earned media – wikipedia, social page verification etc

Now, along with your digital marketing initiative, the online PR should go hand in hand so that overall presence and familiarity could take place.

Basic monthly plan and deliverable on digital PR + Digital Marketing:

Digital – SEO, Social media, PR, Outreach Mix –  [BASE PACKAGE]
a. SEO (entire website and pages, keywords, on-page, interlinking, technical SEO etc)
b. Content (2500 words approx)  (Blog content + webpages)
c. Promotion: Business listing, 1 guest blog post (as per business category), Google map optimization and social post,
d. Social media (Monthly calendar creation, post, ad campaign, management, reporting, 8 creatives, copies, contest, etc) – ad  budget is extra and in actual
e. Website improvement suggestion, CRO suggestions, technical seo suggestion (implementation charge is extra INR 500 per hr)
f. Digital PR – news release in various online platforms (2/3 news release will be great) – ad budget extra and in actual
f. Strategies paid ad campaigns on social and google media and execution – for brand awareness and consideration
g. Reporting, tracking, measurement etc.

Commercials: INR 26,000 + tax

We can revise the deliverable and the commercials as per the need of the business – Sales, branding, outreach etc.