SEO, GMB 3 Packs and Digital PR Activations

CASES When you shall combine the PR activations for Google My Business Rankings:

  1. Doing lot of work (reviews, keywords, links, website integration) but GMB not improving
  2. Spam issues on website or allied history
  3. Not in 3 packs
  4. Indexing issues you are facing

How to do the job:

  1. Release monthly online PR (organic) with GMB links mentioned there – in between the PR content you write
  2. Check the PR platforms if they shall do the release as live link (no follow or do follow doesn’t matter)
  3. Content of the PR (topic and the target kws) is crucial and the combination as how you research target kws seeing planner and console
  4. Place the PR links in media section of your own website along with the map integration

Look forward to your thoughts if you have some other strategy for GMB rankings.