Adwords Express for Performance Marketing

At Performance Marketing Solution, one of the most effective marketing channels that we follow to improve the traffic to our client’s website is the AdWords Express.

Why do we use AdWords Express?

Our company makes use of this powerful advertisement tool to provide targeted advertisement campaign for our clients. We use this Google tool due to its flexibility of use and lesser complication compared to the Google AdWords. This highly automated advertisement tool is ideal for those clients of ours who owns a small company and have a one-man advertisement team.

We use this tool to provide an automated solution for those clients who do not have the time or manpower to regularly monitor and update the keywords on the Google AdWords.

How is different AdWords Express from Google AdWords?

Both these applications are from the Google, we at Performance Marketing Solution use the AdWords Express for those clients who like a highly automated tool that run without much of an intervention of the user. While AdWords gives you more options to manually tweak the campaign that our customers want to run, Google AdWords Express does it on its own.

What are the advantages of using Google AdWords?

When we integrate the business campaign of a small business with the Google AdWords Express, then it allows the business to target local clientele quite accurately.  Performance Marketing Solution makes extensive use of the Google AdWords Express to remove the hassle of constant monitoring of the running of the online advertisement campaign.

In this program, the only time human intervention is necessary is when we are trying to put different settings in this fantastic tool. Our experts set the monthly advertising budget that our client wants to spend and the perfect keywords that will highlight its product to the interested local customer. As most people turn to Google to find something, we at Performance Marketing Solution make use of this element by putting the address of our clients’ website in Google Places business listing. This will ensure that their websites are displayed on Google and Google maps for better visibility among the potential buyers.

The popularity this tool with our customers is due to the higher ROI provides our advertisers as they will only pay only for the clicks that their advertisement receives. In addition to all these, we recommend Google AdWords Express to our clients for several other reasons like:

  • It recommends keywords for better targeting.
  • Only with one Ad per campaign, we can create different campaigns for different locations.
  • Measure the success of the ads on the Google Places dashboard.

To get maximized benefits through the use of AdWords Express, contact Performance Marketing Solution today!