Website and Product Story Telling:

Many brands choose websites to be the storyteller of their products and services. The websites become interactive and engage the audience by means of a story, creativity, carousal, video and communication. Sometimes along with the website, the product pages are also getting emphasis to tell more stories, more about the product, features, etc to attract the audience, to help them stay a bit more and thus increase the sell.

brand and product storytelling services:

  1. Product page creative content
  2. Motion graphic videos
  3. Creatives for social, PR, outreach
  4. Pure story writing as a series for social media – emotion-based stories involving products and services [to increase the sharebility]

Good storytelling examples:

Amazon enhanced branded content or A+ content is good storytelling example. With millions of products on Amazon in hundreds of categories, and with 60% of sales these days coming from third-party sellers, it’s important to differentiate yourself from the competition. A plus content service can increase sales on average 3 to 10% by informing the consumer about your product and brand. Its builds your brand’s look, feel, and awareness. Thus good storytelling has a great impact on sales.

  1. Examples of Amazon A+ Enhanced branded content – Creative done by us and uploaded as well:,, 

Storytelling to sell products:

Even if you are not at Amazon, but yes you can create story telling for individual products, product page, enhance the customer’s experience with the product and that will increase the conversion rate. Only product related images are not sufficient since the thumbnails of the lifestyle images along with the main product shot has limitations. You cannot create a story telling flow for product sales.

How we develop storytelling web product page design:

  1. We ask the client about the brand manual.
  2. We share a questionnaire with the client.
  3. We ask for reference images.
  4. Thus develop the sections/modules on targeted web pages.
  5. We do it for wordpress, woocommerce, opencart, customphp etc.
  6. We implement the story telling images, ceatives, copy and CTA.

More Product storytelling below: 

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