Influencers marketing and product promotion is the trend now for brands and startups. Since influencers have their own followers and subscribers, so 2 – 3 posts in regular intervals can create a desired awareness among the target audience. But many of the new brands do not want to spend a lot in the initial phase of the marketing and outreach campaigns. Rather they choose a barter campaign to understand the impact.

Why brands collaborate with influencers in barter terms:

  1. To test the water as to how influencers work in terms of brand awareness, traffic, and sales in the long run
  2. Low lost outreach work since only product goes out
  3. They want to reach the deeper pockets of the TG
  4. Since only the product cost goes away (which is low for sure), bulk outreach activities they can target

Major Deliverable for Brand Barter Collaboration:

  1. Post and tag – static + video both
  2. Reel post
  3. Repost of the post from the brand channel
  4. Product experience short video
  5. Bloggers outreach – complete blog post + social shout outs with do-follow links
  6. Mix and match as per brands requirement
  7. Content and images either brand can provide, else influencers will do their own

Who does these Brand choose Barter Collaboration:

  1. Of course, not all the profiles are verified or blue tick ones, since they charge huge
  2. Instead of choosing 1 or 2 profiles with million followers, they choose small influencers in 1000
  3. So they go with small, nano, and micro-influencers so they are ready for a barter kind of arrangement
  4. Small influencers are ready since they get a chance to work with a bigger brand
  5. Brands see the small influencers having organic followers and thus better engagement for the brands

Cost to execute the barter collaboration for brands:

Agency handling charges depend on the volume, frequency, categories, and the brand/product for which the barer influencer campaigns are implemented. Handling charges vary from INR 100 – INR 300 for each post.

Frequency for brand barter collaboration:

  1. Generally one influencer can make the posts 2 – 3 times a month
  2. But seeing the handling charges and the gift value, many of the brands settle for once only
  3. Each time they do the barter campaign with a fresh set of influencers to reach new TG instead of hammering the same TG.
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