Digital Marketing Services for CPG Brands India

We all have come across the brightly and innovative designed packaged items kept on shelves of shops and supermarkets, which draw our eyes and almost compel us to purchase them. Availability of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) on the shelves of the shops or supermarkets is the first criteria to raise your sales.

CPG items such as packaged food items like- milk products, sauces/ketchup, jams, beverage items, clothes, household items, cosmetics & beauty products, etc. are used daily by consumers and need to be replenished from time to time. With demand for these products remaining constant because of switching costs, where consumers shift their brand loyalties now and then, proper branding of these CPG items is needed to break free the clutter. CPG items have quick usage and short shelf-lives with easily recognizable packaging; while, durable goods like electronic household items, automobiles are for long & extended usage, with the involvement of considerable thoughts before buying because of high price tags.

CPG items, thus need to be stored, delivered and distributed efficiently to channelize proper sales. And we, at Digital PR World provide you a tailor-made solution for your brand.

CPG & the Digital Age:

Though CPGs are sold in traditional shops, consumers are increasingly shifting towards online shopping. With just a click, the consumers are purchasing their items instantaneously and fulfilling their desires. As online shopping is on the rise, retail stores and supermarkets need to undertake innovative procedures and incorporate modern processes. And this is where, we the Digital PR World make an effort to reach out to potential customers through varied digital tools such as strategy, PR content, creative, different social media platforms, and of course innovative packaging designs.

It’s a fact that we won’t be able to handle big CPG brands like Dabur, ITC, Godrej etc. because of manpower, experience, but would be comfortable with mid-sized brands. With different key models, we make the processes quick, precise and efficient. In this digital era, CPG companies face challenges and thus tactful strategy is implied to drive sales. Big companies hire big agencies to devise the right planning that would create awareness of their products as well as lift the sales. However, the problem with mid-sized & smaller brands is that most of the time they do not have the right planning and strategy to brand their CPG items. With Digital Marketing that comprises Social Media Platforms, Digital PR, Rich Content, Influencer Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc. we take care of the digital branding and help you generate sales.

Today, CPG companies are facing unique challenges. On one side, CPG sector is overcrowded with more & more competitors joining the industry, every day. On the other side, CPG companies need to drive their sales from these crowded shelves. Because of COVID-19, online sales have accelerated like anything – therefore it has become important for CPG companies to double their efforts in digital marketing to stay focused on the business. Else, consumers will just swipe or scroll in the other way and ultimately would move off from their purchase. Thus, CPG companies need to market their items in a much better way to come out from the clutter and improve their sales.

PR for CPG brands – Small Local and Mid seized:

  1. News release
  2. Influencer outreach
    1. Bloggers
    2. Youtubers
    3. Instagrammers
  3. Interviews and release
  4. Youtube Product showcase
  5. Reviews

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