Mall Advertising in India: Reach the Consumers on Their Path to Purchase

A shopping centre’s brand is their identity, in simple terms; it is how consumers perceive a centre. This impression comes from factual information such as the tenant mix, the size, the leisure offering and also the emotional feeling or ‘vibe’ consumers have towards the centre; classy, stylish, fun, romantic etc. A shopping centre needs to decide on the brand image they want, create a marketing strategy to support this, and ensure this is consistent across all channels and all staff understand and follow the brand values. Shopping Malls are one of the most frequently go to places amongst many urban youngsters and families today. What can be a better place to hang out with your family and friends than a Shopping Mall? Usually the average daily footfalls in popular Malls typically ranges up to thousand, and even leaping to lacs on weekends. Thus Mall Advertising offers excellent visibility and opens up fantastic Marketing avenues.

Recent Mall Advertising in Guwahati:

Advantages of advertising on a mall:

  1. Point of Sale Marketing – Mall Advertising is an End-Point Marketing Tool, providing you the opportunity to reach the individuals when they are in their best mood to buy.
  2. Impulse Buying – Since the consumers are already standing at a shopping place, exciting adverts will impulse, even the not so interested individuals into buying your products.
  3. Hyper Local – As Malls Advertising is location specific, brands can easily target the local audience, and mould the advert as per the taste, preferences and needs of the locals.
  4. Experiential Marketing – Through the options like sampelling, kiosks etc Brands can build higher customer engagement & promote products or services to their target audience.

Types of Mall Advertising In India – The various Advertising opportunities available includes:

  1. Entry Arch: It is a medium of indoor Advertising in Malls. This means placing your Advert at the entry gate of the mall, where it is not likely to be missed by any visitor.
  2. LED Screens: These screens are usually placed at the centre of the Mall premises or where it is most crowded. And highly engaging digital ads are played on the screens.
  3. Standees and Cutouts: You might have seen various printed rectangular Adverts, standing on the floor, these are nothing but standees. They can be placed anywhere in the Mall premises be it the compound, lobby or corridors.
  4. Drop Downs: When the Adverts are placed handing from the top, these are called Drop-downs.
  5. Back-lit Signage: These are the option of Mall Advertisement wherein the Advert is placed on a backlit panel, which is highly attractive and unmissable.
  6. Glass Lift Shaft: Here the Adverts are placed on the Glass of lift shafts.
  7. Elevator Wraps: Here the elevators are adorned with company logo and graphics, and looks more like branding the Elevators.
  8. Sampling: Brands can also place their products for sampling under Mall Advertising. It is a unique way of connecting with the consumers, collecting customer feedback and launching new products.
  9. Flag Poles: You might have witnessed the banners placed on the poles, standing on the open areas of the Malls. These are nothing but Flag poles.
  10. Food Court Advertising: Brands can also mark their presence at the food courts, while the individuals are in the relaxed mode and resting.
  11. Advertising in Washrooms: These are the places where brands place their Adverts to enjoy the uninterrupted attention of the audience.
  12. Parking Boom Barriers: Brands can even Advertise at the Parking barriers to attract individuals while entering and exiting the malls.
  13. Events: Various promotional or launch events can also be initiated in the premises of Shopping Malls which greatly benefit in Brand Engagement.

How can we help you with Mall Advertising in India:

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