ORM Packages in India

Are you looking for the best & Cheap ORM pricing & Plans? If yes, then this is the right place to be. Online reputation management is now very important for the website and brands who wishes to create a strong presence in the internet world. There are different ORM packages to make the decision easy for the customers. These packages are super beneficial for the small and medium businesses. Call 9674975029 for more details of our online reputation management Pricing.

Online Reputation Management Packages and Online PR:

If you know where the risk is involved and who could be the potential victims. Here comes the role of PR, both internal communication and external communication: strategic and risk-mitigating.

What are the common forms of online reputation risks:

  1. Negative comments in open forums and social media
  2. Content circulation in networks
  3. Micro site or blog posts with reputation damaging words

How we can help you in managing the online reputation:

  1. Guidelines and training for employees what to speak
  2. Internal communication plan
  3. Risk mitigating content promotion plan
  4. Taking out the negative posts out of Google rankings
  5. Helping the team to get more positive comments
  6. Guide to address negative comments

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management (ORM) means taking control of the online portals and other networks. Its techniques and strategies ensure that people find the right materials when they look for you on the Internet. It would not be worth it if you have the services and do not showcase them on the internet. Online reputation management services help your business to grow to another level. It creates trust, familiarity and consideration on part of the stakeholders.

Benefits of Online Reputation Management Services

There are many advantages of online reputation management services that can help in the growth of your business to the most extent. Your website is the display of your services and brand. More the online reputation of your services more will be the profits. Below listed are some of the perks of these services that will definitely compel you to hire these services.

  1. The best Online reputation management helps you to resolve customer complaints quickly.
  2. Better online reputation management shows the concern towards the customers of your brand or company.
  3. With the professional ORM services, you get to earn the trust of people easily.
  4. It helps you increase transparency.
  5. ORM services help to promote your business in a healthy way.
  6. It not only encourages the online endorsement but also identifies the company’s opportunity.

The rising demand for ORM packages:

If you are looking for to enhance your online presence then Online reputation management services are the answer to all your problems. There is a rising demand for these services and the different packages because of the increased use of the Internet in the whole country and world. Also, the demand is expected to increase on a much higher level in the coming years. You would rarely find a person who does not use the internet to find things. Online Reputation Management help people to find you easily which further increase your business and improves the brand reputation.

Digital ORM (Online reputation management) packages for Small and Mid Sizes Businesses:


Starter ORM Package Business ORM Package Enterprise ORM Package
Minimum Months 3 3 3
Pricing per month  25,000.00  35,000.00  60,000.00
Ad budget for social media  6,000.00  9,000.00  15,000.00
Major Benefits of Reputation Management 1. Increase in Sales (in the long run)
2. Removes negative listings from top rankings
3. Promotes positive electronic word-of-mouth
4. Tells your best story
5. Improves customer satisfaction
6. Increases positive perception of your brand
Search position monitoring We would monitor all the serp rankings to see if there is any irrelevant ranking exists w.r.t to the business name. First page only First 2 pages First 3 pages
Search position protected We would work towards pushing those irrelevant rankings down to the next pages. Also we shall maintain the serp rankings with relevant pages related to business. Page 1 only Page 1 and 2 Page 1 and 2
Reputation Monitoring Google alert tracking 1. Google alert integration with brand name/business name to track all possible -ve talk on brand.
2. Tracking the sentiments of all such mentions.
3. Addressing all the sentiments after discussion with client.
yes yes yes
Business complaint monitoring 1. Tracking all complaint (against the business if there is any) across the web.
2. Generating report on the same.
yes yes yes
Reputation Building Social Media 1. Ad promotion for audience growth (FB and Insta mainly)
2. Creative and copies and posts (channel adaptations)
6 creative and copy posts 9 creative and copy posts 12 creative and copy posts
Bloggers and Influencer outreach Reaching out to industry-related bloggers and get the content and brand communication published 2 –  4 posts 3 –  6 posts 4 –  7 posts
Local listings and reviews 1. Verifying all business listings and correcting the same
2. Adding good reviews to third party listing websites like Yelp, Yellowbot etc.
yes yes yes
Online PR Article writing and Online PR execution 2 3 5
Brand Protection Brand protection across major social platforms. 5 platforms 8 platforms 10 platforms
Other Reputation related Activities SEO 1. Basic keyword analysis and onpage implementation – for portfolio website
2. Structural SEO implementation – for ecommerce websites and portals
yes for entire website (one time) + content suggestions + information architecture plan yes for entire website (one time) + content suggestions + information architecture plan yes for entire website (one time) + content suggestions + information architecture plan


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