Instagram IG STore Set Up services:

Instagram has expanded Instagram Shopping to more businesses and creators that want to connect with shoppers and sell their merchandise on the platform.

Instagram also announced new commerce eligibility requirements for the Instagram Shopping experience that will go into effect on July 9, 2020. Instagram says that it will provide greater transparency for people and businesses along with a more trusted shopping experience.

Have You Been Denied for Instagram Shopping and Product Tagging?

Instagram product tagging is an Instagram business account feature that allows you to tag products in posts and link them to your website so users can make purchases with just a few clicks.

About 2 years ago, Instagram rolled out product tagging exclusively to Shopify platform users in beta to test the idea and iron out kinks in the tech. Today, just about anyone who sells products on their website can apply for product tagging with Instagram. Users can browse products, save items they want to buy later, and purchase items, all within the app.

Here is the step by step guide on how to open a shop:

Step 1: Confirm eligibility.

  • Your business should abide by the mentioned in order to be eligible and able to set up Instagram Shopping.
  • Your business is located in a ‘supported market’
  • Your business sells primarily physical goods
  • Your business complies with ‘merchant agreement’ and ‘commerce policies’

Step 2: Convert your account to a business account..

Once you have a business account, you will be able to add relevant business information, such as opening hours, business address, phone number, and a link to your website.

Step 3: Connect your Facebook page.

  • Go to your Instagram profile that is to be used for business.
  • Then, choose ‘edit profile’.
  • Below the ‘public business information’ section, choose page’.
  • Select a Facebook page from your pages that you have to connect.
  • In case you do not have a Facebook page, press ‘create a new Facebook page’.
  • Note: Facebook page shop is not required, you will require only a Facebook page.

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