Digital & mainline Branding for Small Businesses

To begin with, If your company is looking for a designer who can work with you and have a budget for either re-branding or starting a fresh new look. Establishing some basics is essential right from the very concept. We are really pleased you found us, as we have helped many small businesses set up a complete branding package tailored for you and very affordable.

Branding Tips for Small Businesses

We like to keep this as clear as possible and so 3 tips are all you really need if you want to have a clear understanding of the main criteria in our branding guidelines.

  1. Consistency (Colours, recognizable and style guide),
  2. Quality (Honesty, loyalty and trust)
  3. Simplicity (Clean, memorable and possible to draw)

Digital Branding for Small Businesses:

Either you do a rebranding or start an all fresh new brand look, we offer the following services for all your digital branding exercise:

  1. Social media banners and profile
  2. Website banners
  3. Business Logo
  4. Blog banner
  5. Website design with UI and UX
  6. Social media ad creative
  7. Emailer
  8. E leaflet
  9. E Brochure

Ecommerce Branding for Small Business:

Check out the following creative and branding services that comes under eCommerce branding:

  • Social media banners and profile
  • Website banners
  • Business Logo
  • Blog banner
  • Website design with UI and UX
  • Amazon Flipkart creative
  • Media ad creative
  • Packaging
  • Emailer
  • E leaflet
  • E Brochure

Social media Branding for Small Business:

Check out the following creative and branding services that come under eCommerce branding:

  • Social media banners and profile
  • Social media ad creatives
  • Emailer
  • E leaflet
  • E Brochure
  • Social ecommerce branding and creative
  • Social media posts (then promotion and tracking)




See the Digital branding rates below especially for small businesses:

R A T E  C A R D
Sl. No. Item Rate(Rs) Unit Remarks
1 Logo Creative Making 6,000 1
2 Brochure (8 pager) /Catalogue Cover design: INR 3,000/-               Inside page: INR 1,500/-(per page) 1 Cover + Inside Page
3 Leaflet 4,000 1 back to back
4 Poster 3,500 1
5 Banner 3,000 1
6 Standee 3,000 1
7 E-mailer / Invitation card / Greetings card 2,000 1
8 Dangler / Steamer 1,000 1
9 Certificate / Letterhead 800 1
10 Visiting card 1,500 1
11 GSB design 1,500 1
12 Hoarding 5,000 1
13 Kiosk 3,000 1
14 Social media post 1,000 -3,500 (depending on quantity) 1
15 A+ content 1,200 – 2,500 (depending on quantity) 1
16 Ecommerce product listing lifestyle creatives 150-200 (depending on quantity) 1
17 Website design Range from 10,000 – 1,50,000 1
18 Social media ad creative ,2500-3,500 1
19 CG video / Gif (15sec to 1min) 5,000 – 70,000 1 depending on the script, video length & animation
20 Packaging INR 8,000/- (master), INR – 3,000/- (adaptation)


** Other than the above-mentioned works, we do all creatives related to communication.

  1. The above are minimum rates chargeable for each job. The final file artwork charge is included. Max 2 changes can be done within this cost.
  2. The rejection/cancellation fee will be 50%
  3. Costs associated with photography, Model, make-up, image buying from the internet, computer graphics and programming extra
  4. GST applicable as govt. Standard
  5. 50% payment as advance, next 25% after showing first creative, rest after sharing the final files.

In conclusion, the above prices are just a guide to Small Business Branding Packages we offer. We are happy to meet a set budget or provide additional designs and bespoke branding. If you need any help with creating your own Style Guide, or Business Cards, then don’t hesitate to drop us an email.