These days, Amazon has become a household name. The e-commerce site is easily recognized by its black and orange design and the fast, convenient online shopping experience. Most eCommerce sites including Amazon revolve around their product pages. A web portal or site finds its PLPs in its PDPs. Your business tends to flourish when the PLP (Product Landing Page) and PDP (Product Details Page) acquire traffic logically. To make this happen, you must design and promote your website product pages organically. It helps in increasing the pace of conversion for your website.


About 90% of the sales on Amazon are generated on the first three pages of search results. Whether your product can be found on these top three pages depends significantly on whether you use the right keywords in your text. Backend keywords are also particularly important: up to 250 bytes of all other keywords that do not fit into the bullet points go here. These might be misspellings, long tail keywords or terms that do not perfectly fit the product but are related to it.

Title Optimisation

A product’s title is one of the first things the customer sees. Ideally, the title should contain enough information to enable a purchase decision. Therefore, it should not only contain the 2-3 high-volume keywords that describe the product particularly well, but also some of the most important benefits of the product. When choosing the order of the information in the title, you should keep in mind that only the first 70 characters of the product title are visible in the mobile view of the search results, so the most vital information should be included there.

Bullet Points & Description

In the product bullet points it’s especially noticeable how different the content elements can be on Amazon, as they can vary from short keywords to long paragraphs and everything in between. Long bullet content with target set of keywords for the PDP, helps in Amazon SEO and thus product discovery happens organically also.

Pictures & Videos

More and more, pictures and videos are becoming one of the most important factors on Amazon. This is mainly due to the growing mobile sales, where pictures take up a large part of the screen, making visual content especially relevant. Images, graphics and videos catch the shopper’s attention as soon as they navigate onto the product detail page. Ideally, the customer should be able to understand the product with only images and no text.

A+ Content

A+ Content is a free service from Amazon for both vendors and sellers that has the potential to increase conversion rates by targeting customers with emotional and detailed content. The A+ modules consist of images and text which are not indexed by Amazon, but by Google. A+ content can be used to highlight important benefits or examples of how to use the product. A+ content increases the conversion rate upto 5% to 7%. So A+ content creation is highly recommended and this is one crucial part of Amazon PDP content design.


Most brands utilize the PDP designs for enabling websites to act as ambassadors of their services and products. The sites become intuitive and pull the visitors through a story, videos, innovativeness, diversion, and correspondence. Alongside the site, the item pages are likewise getting accentuated to recount more stories with regards to the item, highlights, and so on to draw in the visitors, to influence them strongly and consequently convert more prospects.



Product Variations or “Twisters”

Variations are an inconspicuous content element at first glance, but they should not be neglected. But first, what exactly are “variations”? With variations, retailers have the possibility to link related articles with each other on the product detail page. Similar products are therefore bundled and the customer can easily switch between the offers to view all of them without navigating away from the page.

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