Amazon Marketing Mix Strategies

Marketing and Promotional Channels in Amazon India:

  1. Product listing and content
  2. Reviews – again user generated content
  3. A+ enhanced branded content
  4. Brand store page like the home page of your brand products
  5. Ad campaigns
    1. Competitive products ads
    2. Banner Ads/sponsored ads
    3. Keyword search ads
    4. Special ads or promotion on special days like big billions days
  6. Exclusive market place launch with amazon
  7. Product mix – Combo offer, Buy one get one, normal discounts, lightening deal etc

Now as a brand your focus not only will be to sale the products, but at the same time, you want to build the brand so people can search with your name at the top search bar of the amazon.

What measures would you like to take to build brand in Amazon:

  1. In Online business, delivery time is the key. Your product should be reached within 2 days max. For that you must be listed in FBA system in all the 4 states thus placing the products in amazon warehouses.
  2. Customer services. Be proactive in sorting out the issues on the brand page. Do response in 24 hrs so people can see you are serious in your products.
  3. Keep adding reviews with the help of the bloggers. It could be paid, but it works very well.
  4. Dont go for promoting all the items at one go. Understand the algorithm. Start with handful no of items and do best what you can with content, ads and creative content. Since you are operating in other platforms, so better try to build 2/3 products as your start products on Amazon platform.
  5. Check the competitors content. Increase the thickness of the content to win the organic game

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