Industry-leading SEO agency that grows jewelry stores organic traffic & sales

We are a team of digital marketing experts who specialize in jewelry SEO and help online jewelry stores grow organic traffic and sales. Our methodology is proven to work regardless of whether your competition is a boutique jewelry brand or giant retailer Anjali, PC Chandra or SENCO Gold.

Anyone who isn’t experienced in SEO might assume that to be successful at optimizing for jewelers, you would need to rank high for words like “jewelry,” “jeweler,” or “gold jewelry.” While these words are relevant to your industry, they are also generic and will have a ton of competition. More competition means it’s harder to get to the top of results and you’ll pay more to get there. Even more importantly, someone searching for “jewelry” could be looking for any number of pieces you don’t even sell.

Instead of these random, generic terms, DPW performs in-depth research to target keywords that are relevant to your products and customers near your geographic location. This leads to finding better, higher-quality leads that convert to real sales.

SEO for jewelers is an important step to building your business because SEO is particularly relevant to your industry. This is because people rarely have a jeweler they go to on a regular basis. When they need a fine jewelry piece, they often find themselves searching online. So, by creating high-quality content targeting longer phrases that are relevant to them, such as “highest quality gold jewelry near me” you begin to establish the idea that your business is exactly what they need and want.

BASE SEO & DIGITAL MARKETING PACKAGE FOR jewelry stores Manufacturer:

  1. Base website INR 25,000 + tax (USD 350/1200 UAE)
  2. (domain and hosting extra cost) – One-time cost
  3. Digital Marketing Monthly Deliverable – Recurring monthly cost – INR 24,000 + GST (USD 300/1150 UAE)
    1. Complete SEO of the business site + Keywords research
    2. Focus set of keywords, page creation, content plan, blog ideas
    3. Onpage – Title, description, H tags, keywords, robots, speed, UX suggestions
    4. 3000 – 3500 -word content (web content + blog posts)
    5. 8 creative with ad copies for social media + adaptation for social channels and website banners as per requirement
    6. Ad campaign design, monitoring and management reporting (ad budget is extra and charged in actual)
    7. 3  influencer outreach (bloggers and instagrammers) each month (fashion, lifestyle as per industry categories etc)
    8. 5 – 10 standard links each month [QnA, business listings etc]
    9. Adding 5 – 7 reviews to Google map + business verification
    10. Reporting, tracking, measurement etc.