Marketing Strategy for Diagnostic Centre with Ads and Communication


The diagnostic centre or path labs are highly hyper-local businesses, and they need hyper-local marketing stratgeies to get more calls and leads. Unless a big reputed diagnostic centre or specialized for some specific treatment, the target audience do seek local path labs for quick treatment and reports. For any diagnostic center to be promoted (Standalone or chain of diagnostic centre spread across cities), integrated media is the key to success. The marketing mix should incorporate the mainline media and digital media. Tactics are as follows:

  1. Mainline activations for the diagnostics centre
    1. Local vehicle branding
    2. Outdoor – 2 -3 max
    3. Light-post branding
    4. In premise branding – Standee, collaterals, brochure, leaflets etc
  2. Digital Activations
    1. Invest in Google map, content, and SEO for brand and service discovery
    2. Whatever mainline communications you already created, do promote using Meta and google to target regions – let people know about you via digital media
    3. Come up with NEW packages, and service lines (maybe for travelers, corporates, old-age home) and promote them for awareness creation. At the end of the day new service lines are like new weapons for promotion, or excuses to attract the target audience.
    4. On a monthly basis you can engage regional influencers with reels, videos and other deliverables – may be they can come to your diagnostic centre and do a great coverage
    5. Digital PR is a fantastic tool for better trust and increased brand value. Read this in detail here –
    6. Integrate mainline and digital campaigns – Read the approach here –

If you are running a diagnostic centre or pathology lab, initially a lot of spending is there for local branding and lead generation by means of mainline media and sales team. Yes, they do start the digital promotion too. But mainline campaigns have their own limitations and budget constraints and the diagnostic centre management explores digital options mainly for performance marketing and lead generation.

Brand marketing shall actually bring performance marketing in place. Since you have done a lot of branding in your local areas by means of Outdoor, events, meets, and poaching to competition, but those are not possible in a wider radius but yes the assets could be used in terms of digital promotions and branding + lead campaigns digitally.

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