Risk Mitigating PR for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Doctors and Diagnostic Centres

Recently we were in a discussion with one leading hospital in Kolkata and they are looking for risk-mitigating PR for the brand or for the hospital. So we had a long discussion on the issues the hospital faces in general. So we are to plan the PR + Online Reputation Management (ORM) for the hospital.

Now this is what we proposed.

Let us make a list of the issues the hospital faces in general –

1. Patient death – blame game – local/political attack
2. Mismanagement of medicines
3. Non-payment of bills by the parties and thus chaos
4. High cost of services claimed by the clients
5. Insurance claim issues and so on…

The Hospital or Clinics, diagnostic centre or local doctors can make a list of issues they have faced over the last few years.

Now is the time for communication, PR and ORM.

The stakeholders are:

  1. Ruling parties
  2. Police
  3. People in general
  4. Government
  5. General perception

What should you do in communication and digital activations:

  1. Department opening by MLA, MPs – do the press meet
  2. Engage local police with free medical camps etc
  3. Add solid reviews
  4. Run social media campaigns
  5. Write good stories in Print and digital both
  6. Communicate with USPs – Outdoor, digital, In-premise
  7. More focus on customer-centric services
  8. Release regular PR on all the issues on top portals, showcase them on website
  9. Align your CSR policies towards general public or TG – like Certain free treatments, Trauma support etc.

Let us discuss the DIGITAL PR+ORM scope for your hospital and medical establishments. Call us at 9674975029.