What PR Activities a Diagnostic Centre (or chain) Can Do

PR stands for public relations, which is an important part of any type of business specially healthcare business. Public relations deals with the image and reputation of a healthcare company or diagnostic centre and works to improve the branding strategies. Healthcare PR is important for diagnostic centre for many different reasons. It can help to improve the company’s reach, it helps to build trust with the community, and it can help to improve the company’s overall branding and reputation.

The PR unit of diagnostic/healthcare establishment is responsible for the followings:

  1. Maintaining the centers image and effectively communicating the overall services to the general public.
  2. Setting goal oriented strategies for the Diagnostic centre.
  3. Plays the intermediary role between the centre and the public or the patients and the Medical Scientists.
  4. Secures and gives presentation about the Diagnostic services and other related health matters in schools, associations, communities, etc.
  5. Champions the hosting of events such as free medical programmes.
  6. Works in synergy with the reception unit in handling patients inventory.

What PR Activities a Diagnostic Centre (or chain) can do:

  1. Print news release
  2. Digital news release
  3. Bloggers outreach
  4. Influencers outreach
  5. Social media
  6. Podcasting
  7. Interviews
  8. Press meet for launching new centre
  9. Free medical camps and thus digital awareness


  1. This influencer the brand presence on Google. If someone is searching for the brand name, along with digital assets, these earned media links will appear in SERPs and create a greater trust for the brands especially if it all new.
  2. Online PR influence the SEO effort in terms of links, social mentions, and web mentions.
  3. PR references actually help in creating Wikipedia page for the brand. Another trust and knowledge hub for the brands and by this Google knowledge panel becomes easier.
  4. If you want to verify the social media pages, online PR does help a lot for the same.
  5. Use icons of the PR platforms, again creating trust for the brands and the start-ups.
  6. Use regional language PR to reach the deeper pockets of Indian provinces.
  7. Funding signal from VC and funding agencies
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