Thumb Rule Connecting Traditional & Digital

From the last few days I was preparing few campaign ideas for one of our global clients. All the campaigns were on digital space – teaser, pre-launch, launch and post launch. Since the client is also doing little bit of traditional materials, so I thought why not all the marketing channels could be synced and may be this will help to create better brand positioning all across the medium.

I shall start with an example:

Suppose the client is manufacturing kitchen papers and the concept line is: it can soak everything. So you can provide 3/4 directions as to how you can positioned and send right marketing messages. And one direction has got approved. Creatives were made on living creatures like cat, camel and bear soaking milk, water and honey like the way the paper soaks everything.

Now, once the creative is done along with tagline and related copies, the same creative and copies could be channelized in outdoor, brochure, digital, and may be On-ground with life size cut outs. So you can cover up all the channels with same line of thought and communication messages. Let me jot down the whole formula below:

Outdoor, print, brochure, tvc, digital, experiential, events

  1. Directions, concept notes, logo unit, taglines, brand naming etc (3/4 directions and associated activities accordingly)
  2. Creative as per direction (again 3/4 creative lines for a single direction or thought)
  3. Use creatives in Outdoor campaign
  4. Same creative in digital
  5. It could go in print and stationery
  6. Finally on ground or experiential campaign involving the objective

I would not say this is a final kind of formula. But yes, if a scratch model is there to start with, we as a digital community could come up with innovative synchronized advertising process with right marketing channel mix – traditional + digital. In a sense all the channels are complementary to each other and we can use all of them very wisely depending on the budget of course.

Look forward to hear you all.

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