BTL Channels with Digital Advertising – Time to Engineer the Channels

ATL is mass promotion like radio, television, newspaper, outdoor etc. BTL activities are involved with more niche marketing, measurable one, and better ROI measurement with activation, POS, door to door, human branding, mall activation etc.

Okay, now the question is, can we segregate digital marketing channels in BTL digital marketing? But why?

  1. If the marketing requires to be more niche targeting, you chose BTL activities
  2. The same things could explored in digital BTL channels so things could be streamlined better
  3. Then you measure which BTL (traditional or the digital) is working better for you
  4. Optimize channels accordingly

Digital BTL advertising channels according to me:

  1. Email marketing
  2. Mobile ring-back tone advertising
  3. PPC Search
  4. LinkedIn Inmail
  5. Niche web directories or market places
  6. Niche social media groups
  7. Campaigns for lead generation etc…

Now, being a marketer, it is our responsibilities to engineer different digital mediums (traditional for old school marketers) to promote products and services to highly niche mediums to create ROI for the clients.

Marketing technology companies can investigate this route to come up with more such specific mediums for the BTL marketers. This is really thrilling and leaves a great scope for the idea managers.

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