Digital Transformation – Mobility+Data+UX: Key Takeaways

Digital transformation will be the level next of digital advertising/marketing. It will not only involve the digital marketing aspects and value creation (leads, traffic, brand name mentions, orm, keywords, KPIs and lot), but also guide the client/company as how they could become digitally sound and future ready in terms of digital branding, customer insights, share of voice, entry barrier to the competition and lot more.

Digital transformation process will involve the people of the agencies, the people of the company, training on certain aspect, the existing data insights, strategies, product lining, brand listening, USPs, customer feedback, new product creation etc. Now lets take a look at the key components and its sub sections:

  1. Mobility: Product and service should be mobile audience oriented, may involve app, highly responsive, optimized content and messaging for mobile, creative aspects, customer tracking, analytics etc.
  2. User Experience: How customer is responding to your products in mobile, why they are moving away, smooth navigation, does the UX responds users demand, the conflict points against available services/products, is it conversational etc. UX framework could be the key here.
  3. Data: Eventually all the companies need to be a data company in their respective segments. Collection of data in certain formats over certain periods could shed a light on customer behavior, automation process, content, product innovation and eventually an IOT. I am saying IOT because if this could be integrated with app and other automation in respective industry. IOT would again ensure the data points and further development on consumer behavior. Afterall, IOT is for marketing.

Now for digital agencies, they can suggest their clients in certain ways to take things to a next phase – how data could be collected and mining could be done for better decision, how better conversion could take place, how better brand could be listened, how IOT could be built, what are the consumer touch points, how marketing automation could be done, how people could be trained in digital space and lot of other stuffs. Since change is constant, we should not stop ourselves in daily marketing routines and tactics. Lets proceed one step further. Of course, this process is time taking, costly and involves both the parties – agency and partner. I am really positive to see these changes in digital space. Furthermore, can it be scalable to certain extent?

Important Catch: In this fast moving world, nobody stays for long in a company – be it agency or be it the partner one. Agencies are facing challenges while keeping client for a long period of time since the contacts/sources are moving faster from one company to the other. Now, the above strategy could work to keep the client in a long term basis and here is the importance of digital and allied data.

  1. Data and consulting would help the company to grow in digital space – agency has the data for long an they have understood the product, expectations, market trend etc
  2. No decision makers would take a chance to replace the agency since they are guiding with data looking 5/10 years down the line say – already they might have the data on competition, how things are moving in favor etc.
  3. Mixture of creative, digital and data could help the agencies to stay focused on value creation for the client.

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