SEO is all about Business Positioning

But no agency would tell you this. either they don’t know things, or they want to hide from the world. But alas, the world is full of foolish people like us, who want to help others and grow together.

How you can say that SEO is the Business Positioning? – You know USPs right and these are unique points as why you are different from other existing business, why people would buy from you and so on. Once you know the USPs, you know the target audience and the market to cater.

USPs are the positioning and this theme of positioning would give you the sense of keyphrases, taglines, attributes, dimensions and more. Now you can define the business more properly or in other words in more granular terms.

Now your content ideation would become unique, product/service description would unique, the presentation, aesthetic part is unique…thus you are an unique story in front of search engines rather in front of the BAAP Google.

What if you cannot define the USPs in this cluttered red ocean market – Many will tell you, come to me, I will guide you, this is my charges. No, you dont have to move elsewhere. You can work out on your own.

Take an excel sheet, write the name of your competitors, the taglines, SWOT analysis and after that you can come up with a fresh positioning of yours. Search business modelling worksheet and see the methods in YTube.

  • Steps are as follows:
  • Business modeling
  • Competitor analysis, SWOT analysis
  • Discussion with similar business people and
  • Cross business people (advertising is all about people)

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