Purpose of Thought Leadership

Thought leadership a key tool for branding your own stuff, generate leads and guiding people in right direction without seeing interest in the same. But is it the end of the road? We talk about the next level as and when we get opportunity. But what is the next level of Thought Leadership, the purpose and finally can we related it to marketing 3.0 or marketing 4.0. Lets check out the points below.

1. Ethical Practice – No matter in which industry you belong, in what topic you guide people, but remember ethical you should be in the right direction so that you can get the followers count and make the world a better place for working. Try to be guided by values and principles. Read: 7 habits of highly effective people.

2. Criticism – Not to move back from criticism even if it is against some of the stake holders.

3. Improvement you can bring – One very crucial aspect of thought leadership is to give a direction to the industry you are in. What improvements you can bring to the industry or to the process.

4. Do the dirty job first – Being a leader, you need to take the risk first against the challenge you face. Once you get there, then guide people. Mere Gyaan wont work.

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