#HashtagIsNewcopy, Call It #HashCopy

Have you seen Amazons new print ad on #TOI? Started with #musthavebags and #musthavejewelers with big images and company logo. In fact, every mix-bound , ecommerce companies are using #tags integrating print and digital media. What does that mean?

  1. Short is sensible
  2. We do not have time to read
  3. We are smarter than our ancestors 😉
  4. Exploring digital more and more wherever possible
  5. OR #hashtag is the new copy writing technique

Long copy days are gone. Crispy, crackery, digital copies are here serving the following purpose at one go.

  • Integration of marketing silos across print, traditional and digital domain
  • Its a part of 360 degree marketing
  • Saving money across print media
  • Memorability or usability whatever you say
  • Targeting the right TG with right marketing communication
  • Social messaging

What in store for new old copy writers: Boss try to understand the digital audience even if you are working with traditional media agencies. Your communication should be directed to tap the right TG and that’s why you are valuable. In fact, 2 sets of copy writers one fully functional ad agency should have. One set for the print/traditional and the other set for digital. Integration would be great then. With the rapidly changing communication space and #digitalconsumerbehavior, the old school copy writers must take digital classes.

Tough times are ahead: Even the stationary and exercise book making companies are using #hashcopies to engage the the TG – yes the students, kids who are more intelligent and tech savvy than our generation was. In fact, these companies are creating followers, community, brand loyal customers so they could reap the benefit later on.

Advertising is in your control? Need to recheck the definition whether its in your control. Yes, budget wise its in your hand but see you are driven by some other sources and surprisingly #digitalconsumerbehavior is driving you to put those #hashcopies to tap the audience.


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