Are We Heading for a Digital Broadcasting Industry?

It would be too early to say that digital marketing and advertising is heading towards a broadcasting industry to some extent or other. But there are some signals behind such thinking. If we assume that aggressive promotion or mass/bulk promotion is one of the forms of broadcasting things, then we are assuming it right. Let us check those signals one by one.

1. Twitter is used for broadcasting – Now as the marketing silos are merging, print, TVC, digital all coming at one place to influence the audience at one go and some where in a mass.

2. Transit Media – The latest trend is that advertisers and media planners are using transit ad model to promote products and services. Probably they use Cab, metro, bus and allied to broadcast the product and services.

3. Digital OOH – Yet another digital outdoor platform where using some software you can rotate the promotions depending on the budget and footfalls. Digital signage is one of the forms of  broadcasting.

4. Programmatic Paid Ad campaign –  It is technology that automates the buying, placement, and optimisation of media inventory, replacing human-based methods. Display or GDN was there for create mass branding and reach. This is an upgraded version of the same. Probably an arbitrage model of ad campaign.

5. YouTube – Before any brand or movie launch, they launch with YouTube as a teaser. And surprisingly most of the ads come up on YT first. This is ad broadcasting.

6. Creative Content – The catch is that you should create those content which adds value to the readers life and thus sharing and mentions take place. And where do you publish the content?? Where the TG is. Again you are broadcasting the voice.

7. SEO, Organic Growth – You discover the customer journey and take actions on that. Also you do the positioning to tell a new story to search engine. Isnt it a broadcasting?

8. Storytelling and branding on website – You can remember the ads (TVC) of #itallstarts by Nescafe or #bechde by OLX. Broadcasting the stories and thus creating branding right.

9. Online Public Relation using suitable digital channels targeting the right TG.

Dear marketers, please do more Rnd on broadcasting media and media buying so that you can plan better. And work in collaboration with traditional marketers and creative guys to have an big impact on your campaigns.

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