High time to start investing on Public Relations. Digital takes care of itself.

It always feels good when someone else appreciates you for what you are. You might think “well I didn’t really ask for all these”, but it’s your good deeds that people talk about. Maybe some way or the other they felt something really different, something really attractive or something really unique about you (or since this is more of a biz-talk, something really unique about your services). Maybe unknowingly your acts have had a good influence over the people you have been dealing with. Well you may stop flattering yourself now but the fact is you definitely are on a high Public Relation or PR index now.

Public relations are indeed very important. This helps your contacts relate themselves with you. People meet people every time but they keep a memory of a very few with whom they were able to relate themselves or with whom there was a feel-good factor that happened, maybe unknowingly.

Considering the current scenario, where for a single product there are 10 different manufacturers or even more, whom would you prefer buying the product from? Fine, probably the one who have advertised their product well enough in front of you. But then, would you consider it buying the second time when you had a suggestion to offer and they didn’t even bother to listen to you. Well, they have surely missed their chance where you were going to relate yourself to them. Relationships are not that hard to maintain as you think it is. You just need to reciprocate. You just need to bring in the feel-good factor.

Think of things happening around back 10 years, most of these now has a digital version of it. Everything is going up digital. Why would then public relations be left back off? Well believe it or not, Public Relations or as we know it, PR too has an online version as well. Everything you see happening around online or on web is PR. Every online article that’s written (yes even this too), every social media site, every website, every type of marketing being done or any sort of advertisement that’s taking place is a way to maintain or build relationships with people. Every little thing you do for someone is public relations.

One of the great minds, Seth Godin said, “People do not buy goods and service. They buy relations, stories and magic.” And magic happens when you start doing it. Take help of the digital mediums as much as you can. Digital marketing isn’t any more just a medium to get off your products or services sold in exchange of money but in exchange of good will and memorable thoughts too. It’s how well you communicate with people about their needs and how you build an emotional connect that stays longer. It’s the transfer of values that can happen on web when used wisely. Don’t just make sale happen, make relations happen. This is also what digital is meant to be.

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