Digital Marketing Channels and Strategies for Restaurants – Case Study

We are into digital marketing and digital promotional activities since 2005 and we have worked for different business verticals. Among them, travel and hospitality, health care establishments, manufacturing units and educational institutes are prime verticals we worked for and created value for almost all the businesses.

We have worked for few local restaurant businesses as well. So today, we thought we should share our experience and strategies wherein we created value for restaurants in Siliguri, Kolkata, Delhi, Pune, etc. 

When We Did Little Keyword Analysis or Search Market Analysis, We Found That People of Siliguri Searching Restaurant In These Ways:

  • Restaurant in siliguri
  • Bengali restaurant in siliguri
  • Chinese restaurant in siliguri
  • Veg restaurant in siliguri
  • Searches for other known/branded restaurant in Siliguri

The Major Expectations From The Restaurant Owners In Siliguri Were:

  • Keywords ranking and traffic
  • A little branding
  • Sales

So We Took The Following Ways To Generate ROI For Them:

  1. Website – A must have condition for digital marketing activities.
  2. SEO – Important channel for ranking, traffic and long term organic lead generation. Since local SEO is for long run promotion and business growth, so it would take little time for lead generation.
  3. Google PPC (adword express for local and hyper-local businesses) – This channel is for quick lead generation. We know, belly first, religion second. So let’s get the revenue ball rolling and in the meantime get ready with organic SEO.
  4. GPO – Google Places Optimization is highly important since this is a local business. If people search restaurants in siliguri, bengali restaurant in siliguri, chinese restaurant in Siliguri, it’s a high chance that you are there in the 3 pack map rankings.
  5. Social media – Important for branding, signals for SEO and rankings.
  6. Influencer outreach – Increases trust, social proof and influences the sales in local areas.

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