Are the Amazon A+ Content Design One Time Job?

Amazon A+ enhanced content is used to showcase the brand in front of the audience so it could stand out on the crowd. The crowd here in the highly targeted audience in the Amazon India platform. Also brand has to say its story or more about the specific SKU/ASIN using the A+ content.

Since A+ content involves a lot of creativity and content, the Amazon SEO initiative gets a boost along with the increase in user stay rate in that ASIN/SKU. There are 8 modules available to create A+ content in Amazon India and one has to take any 5 of the modules to create the whole story/visual.

Now the question is do you settle for ordinary or low-quality creative? Or you should go for vibrant storytelling for product and brand? Your choice indeed.

We understand that Amazon A+ content design is not one time job. We mean that once we create the branded content lets not forget for the rest of life. Rather we must keep on changing the A+ content basis the brand communication, marketing plans, and more. Like the way, we change the packaging for products in 3/4 years to keep the brand fresh and more presentable to the consumers.

Likewise A+ content is similar to the product packaging of the FMCG/FMCD and more. We suggest keeping changing the A+ content design as per your plans and brand communication.

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