Vernacular Multi-lingual Marketing and Advertising Campaign Strategy

Vernacular language advertising strategies:

You can make a Bengali happy by serving him Kaju Katli but can win his heart with a bowl of Rosgulla. With the above sentence, I wanted to make you realize the fine line between formality & affinity. Whether it’s language, apparel, food, or books, one wants to make oneself comfortable & connected. In other words, affinity attracts.

Speaking the language of consumers is critical. Global studies have also proven that consumers respond the best (more so on mobile) when spoken to in their own language. One of the key reasons it is attributed to is that they connect to their personal memories in their own language far better than they do in English. The preference of Indian consumers towards vernacular and regional language content is constantly on the upswing, with 93% of the time spent on videos in Hindi and other regional languages.

New content consumers and creators are both being added every month. As per a report by TRAI, March 2017, BCG CCI Digital Influence Study, 2017 >50% of India’s internet growth in next 3-4 years is expected to come from rural India. If brands want to reach out to these audiences, what better way than regional content? In 2017, Hindi and regional languages comprised more than 90% of popular videos watched online according to an Industry report.

The exponential increase in the creation and distribution of regional language content has led to an explosion in terms of content consumption. This offers a huge growth potential to target these Indian language Internet users, which are expected to account for nearly 75% of India’s internet user base by 2021.

Vernacular language marketing Campaign layers are as follows:

  1. Select region – location, pincodes etc
  2. Define the target groups
  3. Select vloggers and launch the communication with brand video or ask them to create the video
  4. Run vernacular language ads same region with seamless creative and brand guidelines
  5. See vernacular Instagrammers are there or not
  6. On Website create separate landing pages in vernacular language and add all the products there – direct the traffic to respective language pages
  7. Do digital and some print PR – consolidate the campaign with trust with the target landing pages

How we can assist you in vernacular marketing initiative:

  1. Creative and communication
  2. Digital and Print PR
  3. Outreach activities
  4. Landing page ideations
  5. SEO (we can play things around)
  6. Seamless communication across web assets
  7. User to user growth for low-cost organic conversions
  8. Branded content for amazon, Flipkart and website
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