SEO or UEO or Both?

Amidst the debate whether the SEO is dead or not, User Experience/Engagement Optimisation (UEO) has taken the center stage. UEO describes how the user behaves within your site (in terms of time spent, duration, bounce, device, no of pages etc) and what funnel optimization strategy you are gonna take to convert the traffic into sales. Tools like Hotjar, ClickTale comes in handy here.

So far all the silos of SEO and UEO have been overlapping. Here we shall try to segregate the silos and present you a broad picture.

Major Pillars of SEO:

  1. Keywords and content
  2. Making the website as an information hub on target set of the keywords – at least initially
  3. Increase the breadth of the website in terms of page and content
  4. Information architecture following the clues of keywords/groups

Let me list out the major activities of monthly SEO (eCommerce or Portfolio): – Useful to bring the traffic in –

  1. Keyword research
  2. Focus set of keywords
  3. Page creation, blog post, and content plan
  4. Meta details for all the pages
  5. H tags and content optimization
  6. Interlinking Plan
  7. FAQs plan
  8. Branded story telling content or A+ content plan for the product and services pages
  9. Related reading flow
  10. Page depth
  11. Search console research, content plan basis the opportunistic keywords and increase the breadth of the website
  12. Footer and related links and icons

Major Pillars of UEO (User experience optimisation):

  1. Martech
    1. Speed
    2. Responsiveness
    3. Browser compatibility
    4. HTTPS
  2. Marcomm
    1. Brand colour/brand guideline
    2. Communication, copies
    3. Creative – increase the stay rate for sure
    4. Communication flow – especially in landing pages
    5. Promise
    6. Trust factors
      1. When the traffic is willing to check-in – PR, Creatives, Offers
      2. When the traffic is willing to stay – Icons, certificates, associates, guarantees, team, images, review etc

Marketing communication and SEO will help you get traffic to your website. But the UEO will help in terms of conversions. The more the traffic stays into your website, the chance of conversion increase. Of course you have to do the funnel optimisation for a better conversion rate. But what optimisation you will do? The above points could be the basics of funnel optimisation for sales and revenue.

Let me list out the major activities UEO – to judge the quality of the traffic and strategies for funnel optimisation

  1. Check the bounce rate, stay rate etc for a set of pages
  2. What could be improved in terms of Marcomm and Martech (chatbots, AI, auto offer, exit pop)
  3. The same thing is applicable for paid marketing also so you can optimise the cost of the campaign + the quality of the traffic the campaigns are bringing
  4. Improve creative and copies
  5. Use forms and contact details
  6. And keep on doing RnD and improving the experience

Whatever we discussed are all internal experience. What about the external experience that influences word-of-mouth spread of the brand name and thus the search data on Branded Keywords on Google. We all know from search console data, that a major signal for all brand-related activities and with large conversion rates when it comes to paid campaigns.

More focus to put on w.r.t UEO (User engagement optimisation):

  1. PR activities – both print and pr – appears of brand name search on google and thus more trust
  2. Logistics experience
  3. Instant gratification, referral program
  4. Packaging – for Ecommerce

Hope you like the concept.

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