Public Relation and Marketing Communication: Key Similarities & Differences – Post COVID19 Promotion Tool

Since due to COVID19, traditional PR and events are not happening, Digital PR and Advertising became the prime source of brand building and sales/activation. We advice to activate both digital PR and Marketing/Ecommerce promotion at the same time. 

Businesses are beginning to realise that a healthy image of their brand in the eyes of the public, in general, will make them more amenable to the idea of using their products or services. Building a positive reputation and brand image can be achieved through effective Public Relations strategies and Marketing Communication (markcomm). There are several subtle differences between the two. However, it would be unwise to keep them in different silos because that will reduce their effectiveness. The ultimate objective of both is to increase the sale of the company. The complementary features of these two functions make it essential that your company use them in conjunction to reap the maximum advantages.

1) Both of them uses the similar medium to succeed in their endeavour: A few years ago, PR and markcom used to work independently. However, with the advent of the digital age and the powerful networking of the social media sites, this distinction has blurred to a large extent. Because both the PR and marcom make active use of social media to fulfil their strategy. While PR teams use the social sites to create a positive image of the company in the mind of the people, the markcom team also uses the same medium to attract potential customers.

2) They both use communication tools to sell their ideas: Both, PR and marcom use communication strategies to put forth their ideas to the public.

While there are several areas where these two overlap, they do have their distinctions and it would be unproductive to treat them similarly.

The basic work of PR

Public relations, in a nutshell, is a practice to create a positive brand image of the company in the mind of the public through a variety of ways:

  • It helps immensely in introducing new products in the market.
  • A good PR campaign can mould the mind of the public at large positively towards a particular product or service.
  • Re-launching a product that has faded from the memory of the people.
  • Creating a positive image of the company.

The medium that PR firm uses to fulfil its objectives

There are several tools that a PR firm use to make sure that its objectives are met. Some of these are:

  • Publication of articles, newsletters and others.
  • Organising events.
  • Print, radio & television and online campaigns

The basic work of Marketing Communication

Marketing communication, on the other hand, is primarily focused to promote a product or service of the company and it includes:

  • Promotion of a product.
  • Improve the sales graph for the company.
  • Increase the profit margin of the company

The tools used by marketing firms to achieve their objectives

A marketing communication firm a number of ways to sell the products of the company and some of these are:

  • Launching effective marketing campaigns to highlight a product.
  • Help in developing good competitive strategies to beat the competition
  • Help the management to fix a price of their product so that it remains competitive in the market.

All these make the Public Relations and Marketing Communications two strong allies, who together have the power to give a massive boost to a company’s sales and profitability.

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