Role of CPG PR agencies towards PR Activities for CPG Companies

Digital PR for CPG COmpanies:

We all have come across the brightly and innovative designed packaged items kept on shelves of shops and supermarkets, which draw our eyes and almost compel us to purchase them. Availability of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) on the shelves of the shops or supermarkets is the first criteria to raise your sales. Yes, that’s one part of marketing, sometimes we call them PR.

CPG items such as packaged food items like- milk products, sauces/ketchup, jams, beverage items, clothes, household items, cosmetics & beauty products, etc. are used daily by consumers and need to be replenished from time to time. With demand for these products remaining constant because of switching costs, where consumers shift their brand loyalties now and then, proper branding of these CPG items is needed to break free the clutter. CPG items have quick usage and short shelf-lives with easily recognizable packaging; while, durable goods like electronic household items, automobiles are for long & extended usage, with the involvement of considerable thoughts before buying because of high price tags.

CPG items, thus need to be stored, delivered, and distributed efficiently to channelize proper sales. And we, at Digital PR World provide you with a tailor-made solution for your brand.

Companies that sell consumer packaged goods (CPGs) traditionally address two key challenges with their marketing strategies. The first is standing out in a crowded, competitive market; the other is creating demand for new products. Increasingly, these efforts happen on digital battlegrounds. To generate fresh demand, a CPG digital marketing strategy must approach content and competition in new ways. To design the content and communication plan, PR comes first into the picture.

How the PR is being done for CPG brands:

CPG brands used new strategies to understand changing customer needs, their sentiments, meet fast-evolving demands, and remain relevant in a stay-at-home world. .PR and promotion could be best understood taking digital channels one by one:

  1. E-commerce platforms – Reviews, QnA, Images, Copies and communication
  2. News portals – product launch. new joiners etc
  3. Brand advocators
  4. Influencers marketing
  5. Experiential campaigns (traditional) and thus PR on digital media using work of mouth
  6. PR stance
  7. Content and thought leadership articles in LinkedIn to create a narrative
  8. Interviews of C level decision-makers
  9. Social media of course to create the narrative
  10. Brand ambassadors
  11. Great communicative creativity and campaigns that attract the eyeballs.

Any discussion of marketing or demand generation within the CPG industry today requires taking a step back to understand how COVID-19 reshaped CPG brands, especially over digital space. Many of the mainline brands (smaller ones) have shifted their focus on operating over digital media shutting down the operation of the mainlines. PR could be the initial communication route so they the brand to digital media.

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