How companies can leverage bloggers for their PR activities and SEO effort


The presence of social media shifted the strategies employed by PR practitioners when engaging their audiences. One of the PR strategies often used to disseminate information on a product is to work with bloggers. This was due to the power owned by bloggers who serve as online opinion leaders and building the narratives.

Why blogging needs to be a part of your PR strategy

Blogging is a great way for your company to become a digital publisher. Never before has there been a time where any business can publish their own content in a fast, efficient and cost-effective way. Traditionally when a company or brand had an announcement to make, they would use a press release via a newswire. Newswires still exist and have a place in your PR, but blogging is the newswire of the digital revolution. Bloggers have their own followers and subscribers. When you publish the content using the bloggers outreach agency and network, millions of people can read the content and thus you can exercise the PR activities.

Major deliverable from the bloggers outreach:

  1. Complete blog post following the content guidelines and USPs etc
  2. Adding some brand or product images
  3. Do mention website address within the blog post
  4. Share the same blog post to the social handles


  1. DA, PA
  2. Self-hosted blog
  3. How old the blog is
  4. Category of the blog
  5. Kind of content they are releasing
  6. The narrative they are building
  7. Traffic, subscribers strength
  8. Authority of the bloggers

There are many ways you can use blogging as part of your overall PR, SEO strategy.

  1. Announcing important company news to stakeholders, staff and customers.
  2. Advising customers and clients of changes to products and services.
  3. Establishing thought leadership through publishing original and cutting-edge content on a regular basis.
  4. Turning readers into viewers by publishing images and videos.
  5. Writing about the culture surrounding your products and services.
  6. Publishing deep, long-form content to showcase your expertise in your field

How SEO gets benefitted from the bloggers outreach activities:

  1. High DA, PA-based links thus larger authority and link juice
  2. Blog article mention the brand name in the title, thus comes up in SERP for brand name search
  3. Social links
  4. Traffic and signal
  5. Brand Visibility
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