A ‘How to’ guide for digital marketing in rural India

Over the past few years, the digital space in rural India has seen rapid growth. In March 2020, TRAI claimed rural internet users account for more than 38% of all the internet users in India. This has garnered a lot of attention from the digital marketing and advertising agencies as they recognized a newfound scope in this area.

Why Rural Digital Marketing is becoming attractive?

Till now the traditional marketing had championed the rural space. Posters, banners, and word of mouth kept the brand visibility high in the rural environment. But now Digital space is catching up. It has become the complement of traditional marketing. Cheap data plans, reduced smartphone costs, and government initiatives have influenced behavioral change in rural areas.

Rural Digital Marketing – From Zero to Business Impact

All the while this single question has been hovering in your mind – How this form of marketing can help my business? Your brand needs to be launched on platforms that attract a huge audience. This can be done on social media and the internet as a whole as this helps to gain more leads. An online brand awareness drive can bring a lot of traffic to your website and this has proved to be a massive business tool for many. As your brand visibility increases your opportunity to get customers also increases.

How to choose the best Rural Digital marketing agency for your business?

Asking the right questions can solve the most complex issues. You have to choose a Digital Marketing agency that understands rural India. The agency should understand the rural polity. In Rural India the hierarchy is based on income, occupation, wealth and many other social parameters. Educated youth, innovative farmers and the Sarpanch hold an important role in designing the behaviour of the rest of the village. They also guide the villagers to form an opinion about almost everything. The best rural digital marketing agencies along with their creative teams are targeting these important people. If you can reach them, then you can influence them. You have to have the support of an agency that is also good at creative marketing.

Marketing 360 for rural India

The scope of digital marketing in rural India is increasing by leaps and bounds. Content in the form of educational videos is everywhere on social media. Rural influencers come up with videos that coach farmers about the modern techniques of farming, innovations, latest products, and success stories of other farmers. Online marketing has a huge scope here as viewers are constantly exposed to different brands and their products. This mode of marketing works as an important tool for influencing both the farmers and the businesses that are trying to target them.

Avoid these Digital Marketing Firms at any cost

There are numerous digital marketing firms out there that claim to specialize in rural markets. But some of them have loopholes in their model. Here are some of the qualities that you are looking for. If any agency doesn’t have it, then stay away from them.

  • If the agency doesn’t have expertise in creating multilingual content then they can’t cater for you as the people in rural India are comfortable in their native language.  Vernacular content is the way with the rural audience.
  • If the agency can’t provide multiple services like website launch, e-Commerce, PR service, bloggers outreach, advertising to generate sales, news search, your visibility on forums, and many more. The agency should have the means to market your brand in every possible way.
  • If the agency is situated in the heart of a metropolitan city. An urban digital marketing agency is completely different from a rural marketing agency. Cutting, Copying and pasting the urban strategies will lead marketing campaign to a dead end. Customizing the marketing strategies for the rural audience is the foremost step to success. Cookie-cutter model of doing promotion will not work the long run when it comes to online marketing for rural India.

 How we at Digital PR World can help you

We provide all the necessary services that help a brand to get exposure. Our basket of services is exhaustive. We help brands in strategic communication, Brand communication, Business Communication and risk-mitigating measures. 4Ps change to 4As when it comes to rural marketing.  Affordability, Awareness, Availability and Acceptability is more important in this environment. Understanding the rural scenario has been our motive from the inception of our journey.  So, all this while we have focussed to work with MSMEs and we have launched their brand at a competitive price.