Digital Marketing Strategies for Healthcare Establishments – Case Study

Digital marketing is now a necessary marketing channel for most of businesses including local business as well. And this is also applicable for the healthcare units, nursing homes and private hospitals as well. They need to improve their businesses, need to build brand or future business growth and a significant presence in digital space to show the credibility and trust of the unit.

While Working With Few Of Our Earlier Healthcare Clients, We See The Below Mentioned Keywords They Sometimes Talk About:

  • Nursing home in siliguri
  • Cardiologist in siliguri
  • Child specialist in siliguri
  • Best nursing homes in north Bengal
  • Hospitals in north Bengal
  • Orthopedic surgeons in siliguri etc…

So Suggested Digital Advertising Channels for Healthcare Establishments Are:

  1. Website – A must-have condition for digital marketing activities.
  2. SEO – Important channel for ranking, traffic and long term organic lead generation. Since SEO is for long run promotion and business growth, so it would take little time for lead generation.
  3. Google PPC – This channel is for quick lead generation. We know, belly first, religion second. So let’s get the revenue ball rolling and in the meantime get ready with organic SEO.
  4. GPO – Google Places Optimization is highly important since this is a local business. If people search nursing homes in Siliguri from Siliguri, it’s a high chance that you are there in the 3 pack map rankings.
  5. Social media – Important for branding, signals for SEO and rankings.
  6. Digital PR and Outreach – Great for brand presence in Google search and trust building.

Final notes:

Being a healthcare institute, we suggest you to implement software and CRM to make things in line with digital advertising. Since you have to measure the leads and how they are getting convert. Also, we would guide you in PR and branding exercises so that as a team we can win big. We would require business information to run a successful digital campaign.

If you are associated with a nursing home or hospital-based in any city in India and in the requirement of digital advertising, we can surely help you. Please contact us at +91-9674975029 to know more about our company and pricing detail.

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