How copy writing helps in engagement

Often we come across social media campaign pages, websites with fair amount of content but very little audience. Why? There can be more than one reasons; lack of captivating content being surely a major one. A piece of content — be it an article, a newsletter, e-brochure or a white paper — can engage and captivate a reader only when it’s well written; to be precise copy-written!

What is copy writing?

It’s a way of authoring with sole objective of building brand awareness and persuade audience towards a defined action. Obviously, such style of writing is commonly practiced in marketing communications and advertisements.

How does good copy writing help engagement?

The engagement or the connection between customer and the brand or organization is very crucial for the success of any business. It can originate in different ways; but the important is to achieve span, depth and impact of engagement. That means how long you are getting the attention, how much involved audience is and what is the ultimate feel of the audience from the engagement. A good copy not only helps to draws customers’ attention but also to channelize their attention to desired directions. And all these become possible following some of the simple rule of good copy writing.

Copy writing fact sheet:

What’s the hook? When you are trying to grab attention you cannot expect someone to wait and give you endless time. Attention span on web is especially feeble; as low as just a few seconds. You need to put your best foot forward within that narrow span; or, get lost in oblivion. Good copy writing use tested and trusted technique of problem-agitate-solve. Start with the problem; whoever experienced the problem will be surely and immediately attracted to your copy for knowing the solution. Now you need to keep them involved and guide them through the copy.

Is it focused? Often while we write about products we discuss to much about its features. It is important to remember that customers buy products benefits; they don’t care much about product features unless those are properly linked to the ultimate benefits to the customers. So, focus of your content must be benefits to the product users; and not on features.

What’s your USP? Every business has some USP; without one no business can stand against competition. Your copy must clearly define that to customers.

Talk directly. Customers always like direct communications; preferably, in conversational tone. It makes them feel at ease and approachable. Writing in passive voice with indirect references is a real turn off.

Give call to action. In sales and marketing, it is important to tell customers what you want them to do. It can be register on website with contacts; request for sample; make purchases or simply to share a message in their social network. Even with the most attractive copy, customers will be clueless and lost if you fail to give a clear call to action.

Copy writers are no SME. Any experienced copy writer is good at writing a persuasive copy. However, it is highly likely that their knowledge about your business will be limited. Writing a good copy requires both the writing skill as well as good understanding of the business. So, any good copy writer also need support of subject matter experts (SME). That’s the way a perfect copy originates.

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