Brand Recognition by Google Search Engine

How Does Google Recognize A Brand & Build its SERP Asset

What are the signals you can capture from the SERP that will tell you Google is recognizing the brand? In other words, where as a brand you should work to send the signal to the bots, and accordingly you can generate signals of being a brand or behaving like a brand and creating a bigger impact for SEO and rankings.

Check Google search console and see what all assets does Google consider the signals depending on the activities or the frequency of the activities:

  1. All results
  2. News
  3. Images
  4. Videos
  5. Maps
  6. Shopping

Now, how as a brand you would work on these assets so it moves left and right (the red box marked above image) depending on the strength of the signal you send.

TRC and DPW example:

  1. Major work has been done on map and local seo, thats why map comes first
  2. Digital PR world, major work done on few PR and allied news, so news section comes first.

Recognition of Google SERP Assets:

a. Knowledge Panel (to showcase Wikipedia, GMB, Profiles (SM Mainly – FB, Twitter, Insta, Youtube etc.) )
b. Videos – (Mainly Brand Videos from YT, Insta, FB etc. Sometimes from the website’s gallery but only for big shots)
c. Top stories (Mainly news related articles – covered by Google news)
d. Images (Used images in a website that strongly represents brand persona (in terms of product, service whatever)
e. Daily tweets and social activities from the brand
f. Brand Logo

How to achieve the same? How you can play with google asset signals:

Baby Steps:

a. Maintaining GMB profiles (Reviews, Content Sharing, ORM responses, GMB QnA etc,)
b. Daily tweets, replies, trend countering, moment marketing activities, creative communications
c. FB link posts, post wise engagement, popular web asset showcasing, observation days, set SOPs for a particular period, ORM responses, brand safety module etc.
d. Youtube Activities – subscriber increment, video-wise engagement (likes, views, comments), creative commons,  i button, end screen optimization, comment countering
e. Instagram activities – Follower increment, post wise engagement (likes, comment), IG TV activities, separate SOP for Instagram
f. Of course SEO package, content, page creation basis target set of keywords, page depth, interlink

Matured Steps:

a. PR in a regular interval (mainly Google News Coverage targeted)
b. Outreach program (Targeting bloggers, Instagrammers, YT Vloggers etc.)
c. Do try social media page verification (part of ORM again) with the help of digital pr and social media activities
d. Create your Wikipedia finally, the ultimate stamp of ORM and trust

Feel Blessed with the results:

a. Google News coverage – (will be showcased in “Top Stories”)
b. Wiki & Brand logo powered – knowledge panel
c. Daily Tweets will be showcased in SERP
d. Videos section will be there showcasing your top videos
e. Also images will be showcased with Brand Name search variation

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